Seasonal Pests: The Spring & Summer Guide

spring and summer usually brings unwanted pests

Just like the weather changes with each season, the pests also do this seasonal change. Research has shown that different pests prefer different conditions. Some pests peak in the heat of summer while others thrive in spring as they attempt to seek food inside your house. As each new weather pattern hits, you can arm yourself with knowledge and fortify your home against these possibly dangerous pests.

Below are some of the most common pests you will find during the spring and summer and seasons and the dangers they pose.


Springtime brings an increase in temperatures, the melting of ice, and the blooming of flowers. This change in temperature brings many pests from the outside that were hiding during winter. As these pests emerge, they will tirelessly go searching for food and water.

Ants – they forage for food in warmer weather and as the temperatures increase, they will build their colonies. This and seeking refuge from rain will drive them into your home.

Flies – they reach maturity at the beginning of spring and will flock to human habitats in search of food.

Spiders – they are most active in spring when they look for food. The increase of insect activity provides ample opportunities for spiders to feed.

Stinging insects – these include bees, wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets. These insects wake up from their dormant stage in spring and become more active as the temperature increases. This is the start of their mating seasons and they seek to establish nests for breeding.


Warmer weather allows pests to thrive as more lush greenery and food becomes available. Some common summer pests include:

Flies – they are most active during summer months; it is also their peak breeding season. They’ll breed in animal waste, garbage, and rotting food which is more likely to happen due to the increased temperatures.

Mosquitoes – these are the most common summer pests. The warmer temperatures allow mosquitoes to move through their lifecycle faster meaning that they lay more eggs during the summer which hatch quick. Summer showers also provide an ideal setting for mosquitoes to breed in stagnant water.

Ants – ants will always be a nuisance in the summer. This is because of the summer showers; as it continues to rain outside, they will seek shelter in higher ground. They will also get into homes in search of food.

Bed bugs – bed bugs are an all-year-round pest. During the summer, populations thrive because of the increase in travel during summer break.

These two seasons are known for bringing about annoying pests that will cause damage to your house and disrupt your life. Instead of trying to battle these creatures yourself, consider the expert pest control services that we offer. No matter what seasonal pests you are dealing with, Bullseye Pest Control is ready to help your house feel like your home again.

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