Pest Maintenance Programs

Our Pest Control services are custom-tailored for your home to bring you the peace of mind that comes with living in a comfortable and pest-free environment. Let our team of pest control experts earn your trust by designing a custom quarterly maintenance plan that will protect you and your property. Once we start protecting your home with our exceptional service, you'll quickly see the results you are trying to achieve.

Our Quarterly Maintenance Plan

Our quarterly pest control program starts with a thorough interior and exterior treatment performed by one of our licensed technicians. They’ll create a customized plan of attack that specifically targets current pests and starts preventing future pests from arriving. Roughly 30 days after your initial treatment, we’ll return for your first regular exterior treatment to observe and to eliminate any surviving or newly hatched insects and/or other critters. This begins your regularly scheduled (every 90 days) outdoor pest maintenance services.

Your custom pest management program is created to control current pests and to prevent future pests from showing up. During each treatment, we’ll spray a barrier of protection around the exterior of your home and the surrounding property. This will create a continuous safety net around the exterior that keeps pests out of your home all year-round. Interior treatments are always free upon request or as needed just in case pests are finding a way around our barriers. For example, from underneath the home or through plumbing and electrical penetrations. Often, pests are carried into our homes by our shoes, with groceries, plants, or in some other way. Either way, Bullseye Pest Control will take care of it.

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Don’t Have Regular Pest Control Service?

Do you know one of the biggest fallacies about pests? That they only invade filthy homes. But that’s simply NOT true—especially in hot climates like Boise and Southwest Idaho. Many home and business owners wait until they see mouse droppings, debris from cockroaches, or other telltale signs of pests before calling a pest exterminator. At that point, it’s probably too late because it’s no longer a pest issue – it’s an infestation.

Ever heard the saying, if you see a cockroach, there’s a hundred more behind it? Well, it’s true. The best way to battle an infestation is to prevent it from ever happening by signing up for our low-cost monthly or quarterly pest control packages from Bullseye Pest Control. Our pest maintenance plans are significantly less than eradicating major infiltrations and fixing the chaos left by termites, wood-boring beetles, silverfish and other insects.

Here are 4 Reasons Why You’re Making a HUGE Mistake

Do-It-Yourself Pest Control is a DI-DON’T

Not to discredit the do-it-yourselfers, but the store-bought pest treatments are expensive, ineffective, toxic and can’t get to the cause of the problem. When you set off a “bug bomb,” all you’re doing is covering your belongings with dangerous chemicals, destroy the air quality, possibly infect food and other perishable items, and only eliminate the pests on surfaces. Fleas, cockroaches, bed bugs and other irritating insects settle in hard-to-reach places and rapidly reproduce. Meaning you’ll just be running to the store over and over wasting your hard-earned money. If you’re concerned about the dangerous chemicals in professional pest control products, don’t be. Bullseye Pest Control uses environmentally friendly products that won’t harm the environment, children or pets.

Pests Often Carry Dangerous Diseases

Let’s not forget the bubonic plague was spread by fleas on rats, and that mosquitoes carry West Nile Virus, Zika and other diseases—not trying to scare you… While those may seem far-fetched in today's world, pests and rodents carry real-life diseases and germs that can be harmful. There’s no way to tell if a bug or rodent is carrying a dangerous disease until it’s too late. So, don’t risk it. Our affordable monthly or quarterly maintenance packages from Bullseye Pest Control is all you need – call us at 208-291-1896 now to schedule a free inspection!

Protect Your Home and Belongings

Nearly every type of pest presents a threat. Whether it’s a red squirrel in the attic or termites under the floorboards. Take control of your home or business by signing up for regular pest control by Bullseye Pest Control! The most destructive pests are often the most difficult to detect, so don’t give termites, silverfish, wood-boring beetles and carpet beetles a chance – call a Bullseye Pest Control exterminator today!

Improve Your Quality of Living

Pest control is a no-brainer when it comes to improving your quality of life. Even a single cockroach or flea can create huge amounts of stress and carry germs that may harm you and your family. Fortunately, Bullseye Pest Control has the perfect solution – one of our flexible, affordable pest control packages.
Call us now at 208-291-1896. One of our fully licensed technicians is waiting to complete your free pest inspection.

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